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Comments we received from happy customers

"Without you, your advice and skills my dream of a Regency wedding gown would not have come true! We are happy we found you!"

"We had a wonderful ceremony and the dress you made had an important part in it! Many thanks - the dress is beautiful, itīs just so sad the occassion is over now."

"Everything fits perfectly and wears well and we got a lot of compliments on our outfits. Your creations made the day even more perfect!"

"I really donīt know what to say!! Not only does the dress fit perfectly, it is also the most beautiful gown Iīve ever seen!"

"Your work has been admired and praised by all visitors, this dress was really worth waiting for! Thanks again for your wonderful work!"

"I received the dress today. There is nothing left than to send you my praise. The dress matches my ideas and fits perfectly."

"Thank you so very much for an unbelievably positive experience in ordering online and from another country!"

"I LOVE my stay. I get so many compliments on the handiwork and the craftmanship. It has held up through sword fights, sea voyages, and endless hip circles. It is beautiful, elegant and worth every penny. Thank you."

Christina Dettmers
Costume Design